Our Services

A Heart’s Mission provides therapeutic respite care and parental coaching services to families in the United States who are dealing with a child who has been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (also known as RAD or Oppositional Defiance). Our program includes the techniques, guidance, and tools you need to provide the type of home environment that will allow your child to heal. We can assist with finding an attachment therapist and educating teachers, therapists, friends, and family members about the difficult challenges of parenting an unattached child.

Our professional services include:

Therapeutic Motivational Respite

Our respite program is designed to help children who have difficulties regulating their emotions and behaviors because of attachment issues. The intervention addresses the child’s desire to control his surroundings and interactions with others.

Therapeutic motivational respite targets the child’s inability to trust by helping him drop defenses that keep him from changing. Using a variety of therapeutic techniques, we create a safe environment where the child learns to identify and get in touch with his feelings, usually for the first time in his life. As he begins to express and verbalize his feelings, the parent gains an understanding of what lies behind his behavior problems.

A one hour coaching session for the parent is provided at the close of a respite stay. We also can follow-up by phone with your child’s therapist.

In-Home Parent Coaching

We can provide guidance and instruction in four major areas: truth telling, structure, nurturing and ways to experience loving times between you and your child. Our parent coaching services help parents gain the tools and strategies needed for dealing with a child suffering from early relational trauma.

Shadowing & Training Services

Parents can watch, learn, listen, and take notes while observing the daily activities of children during their respite stay. Gain a greater understanding of your child’s problems and take home valuable ideas and techniques that will work to move your family forward.

Phone / Skype Parent Coaching Sessions

One of our most valuable services, our remote coaching sessions will help you better comprehend why your child has been reacting in ways you don’t understand. These tools also provide support in overwhelming situations you encounter with your child. Skype and phone sessions aid in building relationships already established with your child and teach nurturing techniques. This will deepen the relationship between parent and child. Using these services in conjunction with respite will be a power tool for success.

Workshops & Seminars

Our expert workshops and seminars offer the following benefits:
  • Learn how to better support families dealing with Reactive Attachment Disorder and Early Childhood Trauma.
  • Help therapists better understand how RAD and Early Childhood Trauma impact families.
  • Gain an overall greater understanding of RAD and Early Childhood Trauma.

A Hearts Mission Targets 4 Major Areas for Healing

Parental Control

Oppositional Defiance often leaves a child with control issues. If he is allowed to control his family, it is very unlikely that he will form a healthy attachment.


Good physical touch and holding can aid in bringing a child to deep vulnerability. This is a cornerstone to developing an intimate relationship between parent and child.

Owning Your Truth

A child who has not formed a healthy attachment in early life often blocks off feelings. It is extremely important for this child to get in touch with, articulate, and own his feelings.

Positive Interaction

Children with attachment issues are often addicted to negative attention. Finding ways to share positive expeirences that the parent and child can learn to enjoy and build on, generates a sense of hope.

For more information about Reactive Attachment Disorder, our services, or to learn how we can help, please contact us.